Elías Adasme Puerto Rico
Adasme.jpg (11196 bytes) Born in Illapel, Chile, on January 16, 1955. Artist, graphic designer, multimedia and netartworker. He works with various materials in installations and conceptual artwork. Currently is artist of the Contemporary Museum of Art of Puerto Rico and art teacher at the Liga de Arte of San Juan, the city where he has lived since 1983.

Estudied Fine Arts at the University of Chile (1974-1979) and took art seminars at the Chilean-French Institute and Chilean-North American Institute of Culture.

Received a grant from Pacific Foundation and Amigos del Arte Society in Chile (1979); The Puerto Rico Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation (1992); and Puertorrican Institute Culture - ICP (1994 and 1996).

Some of the recognitions he has received are: Honorable Mention, V International Biennial of Art, Valparaiso, Chile (1981); Grand Distinction from Public and Art Critic in the International Photography Festival in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. (1993), and Merit Recognition from ICP (1994).

Documentation about his work can be found in the Contemporary Museum of Art of Santiago, Chile, and the Contemporary Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, international art publications, catalogues and books.

Since 1978 until present he has shown his work in individual and group exhibitions in Chile and Puerto Rico, in adition to international art shows in Argentine, Mexico, France, Sweeden, Israel, New Zealand, Yugoeslavia and South Africa.

International Exposition on The Human Rights. Chile (1978). IV and V International Biennial of Art, Valparaíso, Chile (1979 and 1981); Centenary of the Museum of Fine Art . Chile.(1980); V and VI Biennial of Latinoamerican and Caribbean Print. San Juan, Puerto Rico (1981); XXXIII Salon Jeune Peinture. Grand Palais Museum; XII International Biennial of Art, París, France (1982); Fifty years of Chilean Art, Santiago, Chile (1983); International Photography Festival. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (1993); I International Biennial of Art, Johannesburgo. South Africa (1995); V International Biennial of  Visual/ Experimental Poetry, México (1996), and others.


Elías Adasme: Georgetown 1009, University Gardens, San Juan PR 00927

E-Mail: adasme@caribe.net