Exquisite Corpse  a surreal and virtual art proyect by e-mail cadaver exquisito / Elias Adasme, Hans Braumüller, Humberto Nilo, Clemente Padin / Arte Virtual

A Call for Artists Cadaver Exquisito


We make a call for all artists, mail-artists, visual poets  and netartworkers around the world to follow this idea of the virtual "exquisite corpse", weaving a global web where creativity and liberty reign.

Establishing as a departure point the present "exquisite corpse" we call on to you to form groups of four artists elaborating a joint image will belinked to those of other groups created for the same purpose. Each group represents a module or creativity linked with its peers in the rest of the planet; thus performing a chain created multifacetic and universal.

In order to document the sequence or cronology it is necessary that all interested artist groups send us via E-Mail their images identified, in JPG or GIF format. The name of the country in wich they reside, and from which they developed their segment of the "exquisite corpse", it is very important to see the geographic and etno-cultural orientations the project takes on.

Since this call for artists stimulates creative freedom with the network spirit, there's no deadline to submite, no requirements nor censorship. Everything will be exhibited. Any one may print, copy, alter, reproduce and disseminate the images. We do recommend that each group image be ajusted to 744 pixels in width per 550 in height, to standardize the format, what will be configurated in a 17" monitor at 1024 x 768 pixels of resolution en your screen. According to those dimensions each artist will have a segment of 186 pixels in width x 550 in height.

Writes us and we will gladly give you details on this proyect!


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