Exquisite Corpse  a surreal and virtual art proyect by e-mail cadaver exquisito / Elias Adasme, Hans Braumüller, Humberto Nilo, Clemente Padin / Arte Virtual
Presentation Cadaver Exquisito
"All artistic expressions are born of their time." Wassily Kandinsky

This artwork belong to the Mail Art tradition  and its final product is in the Internet.

Taking as its structural reference the collective drawings made by the surrealists artists which they called "exquisite corpses", this proposal is launched, as a tribute to not only the vanguardists of the beginnings of the century, but also the experimental artists of the sixties and seventies, which made it possible for new generations to assume the creation of art with a free mind.

With the development of new information and communication technologies, the universe of art has expanded its scope of action, a phenomena that has to involve the production and dissemination processes of a work of art. The case of the Internet is the most pathetic. Here we can’t talk about unique works of art, misteriously elaborated in the artists’ studio and put-up for sale in the market. No. the work of art in the Internet radically alters the conception of its genesis, which is no other than the historical determinism, of a social sanction artbitrarily manipulated by gross commercial interests, in addition to dramatically breaking away with the traditional circles for reproduction and diffusion.

Since there is no material object to market, art’s true social function is reivindicated as language, and as a genuine expression of the sprit of its time. In the Internet, the non material nature of the work of art is achieved, artists dedicate themselves to establishing cretive circuits of communication from different parts of the planet, weaving this virtual web of information exchange and cultural proselitism, where the artists is at the same time the sender and receiver of these creative messages.

At the dawning of the third milenium, we perceive clear signals that talk to us about an essentially humanist art, where ideas predominate over objects. That’s where the importance and richness of this project lies.

Elias Adasme / May 1999


Working with the PhotoShop software, an artist develops a a format pre-establising an idea or an image, which he will extend in an edge of another segment of equal dimenssion. This is sent to a second artist in another part of the world, who will in turn, will proceed to repeat the process, sending his part to a third artist. The process goes on until the work is completed according to the number of participants. None of them sees what the previous artist did.

The segments circulate among the artist via electronic mail, the entire set is assembled in a web site in the Internet, which contains the complete visualization of the work, presentation text, historic references on the "exquisit corpse", biographies of the participating artists and an international call for artists, inviting to form similar groups of artists to repeat this idea, taking as a point of departure this initial proposal.

Thus, we are helping to form a global creative chain, in which each link is composed by the modular production of a group of artists. The proyect contains a virtual organic aspect in constant expansion.

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